Finally! The Walls Are Painted

On November 25, 2018, I wrote about my bathroom remodel project in Master Bathroom Renovation: Purple Haze. The only thing was that the project never was finished. I still needed to finish painting the walls, but time was a problem. Plus just having the energy to do it. 

But today, it was finally time to do it, and I'm perfectly happy with the end result. The color is called Misted Mountains by Baer. I picked it up at the same time I purchased the one for the vanity. It is a nice satin, so it will be easy to care for. The hardest part of the whole project was painting around the vanity mirror and lights. It made the toilet look like a cake walk!

The only things left to do now are: touch up worn out areas around the door frame, cover up my errors on the ceiling, and hang a hook rack (similar to the one reflected in the mirror, but only 3 hooks) by the sink. Once finished, I'll be happy to call this renovation complete.