Closet Madness: The Purge

I've been thinking this over, and after reviewing the photos from my last blog, I have decided I needed to rip a bandaid off. This is going to be painful, but it has to be done. 

I'm going to do another closet purge. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I won't leave myself naked. I just left a lot of clothing that doesn't fit in there, and it is making getting ready in the morning difficult. So, something has to be done. And with me starting a new job this past week, now is the time. 

This is just my thoughts and planning blog, not my execution blog. That will come next. Maybe tonight, tomorrow, or Sunday, as I still have to do this like work today, do homework at some point (I'm getting my MBA), and do regular housework. Life is actually busy. But at some point this weekend, I'll purge my closet and post the process and the results. 

First the plan is to just go through and get anything that does not fit right now out. I'm losing weight slowly, which bugs me, but is a fact of life. I need to dress for where I am now. I'll look and feel better for it. Plus having easy access to what I need right now will make mornings easier. 

Also, there are worn out pieces in there that need to go, as will as those pieces that just don't give me much joy. In other words, they make me feel yucky and insecure. Those have to go. Plus, we're starting to transition seasons. So, now might be a good time to move the heavy items to storage. 

Once I'm done, I can focus on the baskets that clutter the shelves above. Do I really need those? It's all perspective. 

So, this weekend is a purge weekend. A sort of closet spring cleaning. Do you want to join in?