Overcrowded: Learning to Love What You Already Have

Hi, my name is Brenda, and I'm a Shopaholic. I am addicted to new, pretty, shiny objects. It isn't keeping up with the Jones's for me. It's the smell, look, and feel of the new. Yep, I have a problem. In fact, it was one of the catalysts for my starting this blog back in February 2011 (has it really been eight years?!). And I'm still on my journey to get to where I want to be. 

I've reached it at certain points, and fallen off the wagon at others. My home office is still the bane of my existence, and my master bedroom still goes through phases. Right now, it is in preparation of being painted. I have a few items that are about to be purged, rehomed, or just put away. It's just hard to determine when things are just in a state of flux. And anxiety gets the best of me when they are in that state. 

 One thing that has always been a frustration was my wardrobe. I don't have a huge, fancy, walk-in closet, so real estate is at a premium in my small space. I recently used the Konmari method on my dresser drawers, and was shocked at how easy and efficient the process was. The folding method is simple, and how the clothing is put away in the drawer, takes up less space than normal methods. I wound up with an empty drawer when I was done. 

When tackling the Konmari subject in my closet, it was a little different. You work your way from heavy to light. I have three hanging bars in my closet, with two in the back, and one to the right. I hung my heavy blazers, dress pants, and skirts in back, then my dresses and blouses on the right. 

I did purge as I did this, and was disappointed I did not purge more, as I still have way too much in my closet. I know I don't wear all of my clothes, and that some will probably never be worn again. This is where I need to start thinking about being honest with myself, and pull the band-aid off and rip the things I don't wear out my closet.

We have to be honest with ourselves when it comes to our stuff, because clutter starts with our dislike for ourselves and the things around us. We try to find purpose and love with things, but that isn't where we should find it. Stuff does not bring us love or purpose. We have to do a hard look on the inside for that one. Most find it in a higher power, whether it be in God or their faith, or their own religion. But we will never find it in stuff. Stuff and people will always fail us. 

Once you have let go of stuff as your higher power, then you will find a more valuable gem.