Making Big Decisions: Mom Do We Have to Move?

A new journey is looming on the horizon, and it is one I'm scared to take. I've lived in my home for over six years. I've had this blog longer than the time I've lived here, so some of you went through the journey of me buying my beautiful, move-in-ready home in Carmel, Indiana. The thing is, I need to make changes - healthy changes - in my life, and selling my lovely home is one of them. 

I thought that with the equity I could buy a country or small town home with my equity that was also move-in-ready, and be mortgage free. Ha! Boy, did God laugh at my plans! The homes I thought were within my budget were just outside of my grasp. So, I'm looking at purchasing a "fixer upper", as Chip and Joanna Gaines would call it on HGTV's Fixer Upper. I would have enough left over to make the needed updates and it would be my very own, the way I want it, and be completely - well - me. 

The thing is, I've never done this before in my entire life. I can barely keep plants alive, let alone fix and entire house! I know I'm not totally inept, thanks to my parents who are hard working and taught me how to use a hammer the right way and actually build things. In fact, I might use my parents as supervisors on my project. I know a few eager teenage boys who might earn a few bucks helping out their aunt a weekend or two, if they are free to help (you know teenage boys).

The point is, I may have been hesitant just two days ago, but the fear, hesitation, and trepidation are waning, and excitement and caution are beginning to enter. I've found a couple of homes that seem like good candidates. 

The only thing is, I've got to sell this one first. 

I'll be using this blog to document my journey. It is a slight stray away from my normal personal organization journey, but in a way it isn't. I hope you bear with me and endure this journey together with me.