Rehabbing: I'm Not So Sure About This

Well, here it is a week into my decision to sell my house, and I'm a complete mess. The only thing successful so far is that I have actually accepted an offer on my house as of this morning. A decent one that I am happy with. That is the good part. 

The part I'm struggling with is what is next after this house. I honestly thought the next step would be to pick up a fixer upper, put on my tool belt, and get to work. But my funding is just not adding up at the moment. 

In fact, my steam has left the building.

With every new listing that is sent to me in my price range, I hold back tears now, due to the location or state of the home. It is no longer an issue of good bones or will it be a good flip. It is now is it even a good neighborhood, which seems to be scarce where these are located. And I'm thinking these don't even exist.

So, I decided to start considering homes that were in good, move-in ready condition. But even finding those in the areas I would consider is harder to find, especially in my price range. And taking out a loan right now is not in question due to my being unemployed for nearly two years, and unsteady employment for the past few months. 

But what can I do? My time is limited here, and the thought of crashing on my parents' couch is not appetizing, to say the least. Especially for someone who treasures their solitude. 

I've been thinking long and hard about putting the funds into a special account that is "hands off" to earn a "little" interest (I miss the late 80's, early 90's interest rates), while I rent a small apartment and store the rest. My car will be paid off, I'll be mostly debt free, and I'll be able to work on adding more to the coffers while waiting until I am able to qualify for a small, conventional mortgage, again, to help me find something more suitable and more to my liking. Which would hopefully only be until either winter or spring, if the mortgage specialist I spoke to is correct.

Sure, it takes the wind out of my sails a bit, and I may change my mind again. We'll see. But right now, I'm exhausted and my brain keeps shutting down when I try to come up with solutions.