The Process: Empty Pockets

This whole process of selling a home, then finding a home, is driving me crazy. And that is a short distance to already distance to obtain. But I'm hanging on by a thread, and it seems that greed is my biggest enemy. And I do not know if it is mine, or other people's. 

All I know is all I want is a small place to call home, and there seem to be roadblocks all along the way.

For one, my budget is small. My goal is to find a home to own outright. With a budget of $50,000, that is nearly impossible to find, and I think I've found one. Except, the current seller is not willing to accept a contingency cash offer on the sale of my home (I won't have the actual cash until closing). Meaning, the house is still on the market, even though he accepted my offer.

The other is that the buyer on my home got greedy after the home inspection, and wants to drain my already tight equity to make excessive demands after the home inspection. I finally stopped playing nice, and said no more and did what the previous owner did to me: threatened to pull the sale, and only offer a concession of $2,000. I feel like that is more than generous enough. Especially since he already bid $5,000 lower on my original asking price. In other words, he's making $7,000 off of me.

The whole process is giving me a headache, and all I want is for it to be over, so I can move into my "new" to me home and start my new life. Is that too much to ask?