The Search: Please, Let It Be Mine

With my accepting an offer on my home a week ago, time is starting to run out on my own home search. It has not exactly been fun. In fact, it has been grueling, as my budget and constraints are resulting in tears and fears. My hope is to live in a home mortgage free using the equity from the sale of my current home, which to be honest, is not a whole lot. 

The results are homes in several states of disrepair or in neighborhoods that scare the daylights out of me. And if I do find the perfect home, it sells before I even have a chance to see it. 

Today, I got to view and put in a cash offer on the perfect home. The sad thing is, while the accepted my bid, they wanted me to validate the funds. Well, I won't have the funds until closing. And they would not do a contingency until my closing date, which will not be set until probably early next week. Meaning, the house has to stay on the market until I am able to prove that my house has actually a verified sale. It is so frustrating.

The good news that is on my side is that they are only accepting cash offers (please, my sweet readers who have cash to spare, I beg you, do not go searching for this house to buy it out from under me, or else you will have my wrath). So, that is the positive that it may not sell immediately. I hope and pray it does not, and the house will still be mine in the end. Besides, I put in a sweet bid.

I'm already visualizing what I would do with the house: painting the kitchen a bright yellow, installing fluorescent lighting in the kitchen, and white appliances, as well as an movable island and free standing pantry. Then there is the she-shed for the backyard, the painting of the rooms, and me riding my new riding lawn mower to keep up the yard.

I'm already in love with the house. I just need God on my side on this one. Please, Lord, if this is Your will, let it be mine.