The Search: Slipping Out of My Hands

This whole process of selling a house, finding a house, and moving is so overwhelming and draining. And when you think you have found the one, and run into obstacles that you have to pray that it waits for you, you have to face the fact that it might not wait for you. That is the case for me: the house did not wait for me.

I keep asking myself different questions since I found that the house was no longer listed last night, including did they get their asking price? Did they accept something lower than what I offer? If they did, why did they not just wait for my sale to go through, when they knew there was a higher bid just waiting on the sale of their home? What caused the current owner to not do a contingency? I've actually had a few realtor friends ask that last one. I mean, I had a buyer on my home and just waiting on closing. I was a cash buyer who was eager to buy. 

Who knows. It is no longer mine.

So, back to the drawing board. And unfortunately, the pickings are slimmer than what they were just a couple of weeks ago. I did find one that looks promising, but all of my funds are tied up with the move this weekend, so no funds for earnest money if I did make an offer this weekend until next Friday. It's all screwed up right now. 

Let's just say that I'm ready to have this whole rigamarole done and over. I'm mentally exhausted, which is hindering the packing process. My current roommate thinks I'm slacking off and just being lazy about it, but I'm not. I'm just mentally stuck, and having a rough time getting unstuck. I have only three days to get unstuck before the movers arrive on Saturday morning to pack up and move my stuff to storage (which is disheartening in itself to know I'll be technically homeless since I have no permanent place to call home). 

Right now, I'm wishing I would have done this sooner, so that the market would have been more robust for me to choose from. But for now, I have to go with what is available. And it isn't pretty.