It's Getting Real: My First Offer

This stuff is getting too real now. It is actually my second start to putting the house on the market in a week, as I pulled my first start by "chickening" out. But someone else talked me into it with a sweet deal, and it went on the market yesterday at 4:30pm. Immediately, I had two showings that night, so a frenzied cleaning happened, and I was out the door an hour later. 

By 9pm, I had my first offer: a cash offer. It was quite a bit less than the asking price, and it took the wind out of my sails, but as my realtor, and childhood friend, reminded me, it is just the first day, and the first offer. And he is right. It is only the beginning, there is still room for more to come. And it is a hot market where I am right now.

But it did send me into a panic when I heard the words "cash offer". I had not even stepped foot into any homes myself. I have no idea where I am even going to be living when this one sells. I have a few I've "noped" my way out of considering after driving by them, and a few that I'm waiting on their realtors to answer questions on so I can go look at them, but so far, I'm in limbo. 

There are so many things I am having to think about when considering my own next step. I don't want to purchase a complete disaster, as I'm not wanting to sink my entire savings into something that I might lose money on. I also don't want to move into a neighborhood that is sketchy in hopes it might be one that is going to be rehabilitated. I have a list of requirements, and I have to stick by them, or else I will be setting myself up for failure. And that is the last thing I want to do.