Moving Day: The Time Has Come

There's not turning back now. That dreaded day has come: moving day. That day where chaos ensues and follows with inevitable silence and sadness as a chapter in life is closed for good. When you turn and look back on a now empty house that was once a loving home. A time where you say good-bye.

It has been a few weeks since I've written anything about this process. I just have not really had anything to say. I've been a mess. The process has been a mess. I find a house that I like, and before I know it, someone else has snatched it out from under me before I even had a chance to act. I'm growing weary of the whole process.

But, on Tuesday, I will see another house, and hopefully, make my final move. Maybe I'll have the final chance to say "this one is mine", because one week from today, I sign the papers making this house someone else's home. 

The packing process has also been interesting. Let's just say that contracting shingles in the process was not planned and threw a kink in the process. So, now I'm rushing at the last minute to make sure everything is finished before the movers arrive tomorrow morning to move the big stuff. I'll move the small stuff myself. Now, where did I put the gate code for my storage unit? 

That is the other mystery. If I do make this other home mine, how long will it take before I take possession? I mean, this is a cash deal that I will be making, and I really do not want to wait a long time before I make next move, but the current owners are still living there. 

Anyway, I'm exhausted at this point. Hopefully this will all be finished soon and I can finally close the book and move on and begin the next chapter, which does include a new twist in October: bariatric surgery. Oh, joy!