A Much Needed Holly Jolly


I think we can all agree on one thing: 2020 was a huge, emotional drain on everyone and everything. It seemed like the year has kept kicking us when we are down, we only a few bright spots intermixed. Like friends of mine who are missionaries finally being able to return to Peru. That's a huge bright spot on the year.

But for me, it has been one kick after another. I had a rough time finding a job at the beginning of the year, only to be let go after a couple of weeks due to legitimately getting very sick from Covid. Then Covid had me down for over three months. Followed by issues with unemployment and then my pup, Sampson dying of a heart attack on my birthday in July. Oh, and I have been repeated overlooked for job after job that I continue to apply for daily. Let's just say, I'm exhausted.

The bright spots for me personally have been acts of kindness by others, finding peace through a more focused daily meditation and prayer. And finally, just making Christmas start early this season. The tree is up and decorated with a penguin snow scene, and the piano decorated with a portion of my snowman collection.

There will always be naysayers saying "one holiday at a time", but can we all agree on one thing, we need the jolly and joy from Christmas this year a lot earlier than just in December. So, put up that tree, turn on those outdoor lights, and let's make those peppermint, hot chocolates so we can feel good about something this season.