Change and Transformation

The dragonfly has been a recurring image in my life these days. So much so that I have begun to look into the symbolism of this fascinating creature. In many cultures, it represents change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization.

With the craziness of the past (now going on) three years, it is only right that these changes and transformations should be happening. The way I think and view things have been adjusting and fine-tuning into something that seems simply spectacular.

Sure, there are growing pains in the process. No one wants to be unemployed for a year or lose their direction, but at times, things like this need to happen. They help us not to stay complacent or placid in our lives. They help us understand that growth is needed to help us transform into something more beautiful.

For me, the last three years have been filled with loss and grief. Not just in losing people, but perspectives on how we live our lives. To say that the process has been harrowing is being kind. I've been to the depths of hell and back, with no desire to return. 

From job loss, loss of connections, loss of beloved pets, and the way I perceived my life as a whole. It has been spiritual upheaval in many ways. But I have began to see where some things were drastically cut from my life, new growth is evident.

Growth in my career, my perspective on stuff, and my health have been the biggest changes; however, how I connect with others has caused me to build new and healthier boundaries.

I wish I had all of the answers on how this transpired, or why it took place, but I believe everyone's journey is different, and we should not judge another's journey. All I can say is to be patient, persevere, and don't lose hope.