The Results of My "Experiment"

In my blog, Closet vs Chair, I came to the realization that I had not opened my closet door in over a month. So, I decided to partake in an experiment to see if I would "need" those clothes after a period of time. And it surprises me that I'm actually writing this "results" blog just days after writing my original blog, because what actually happened took me by surprise.

As I began to remove the items from the hangers, I began to realize that the clothing that was hanging in the overcrowded closet actually did not fit me at all. In fact, most of the outfits were two sizes too small. Sure, there were pieces of clothing that brought me no joy (through the Konmari method of purging), but so many were items I did love and wanted to wear again some day, or items that were in good shape, but I just didn't love. 

For the items I still loved, but were two sizes too small, I simply bagged and placed in the back of my guest room closet to be dealt with later. The items to be given away were also bagged. In all, there were four bags of clothing. Only one of which I kept for my wear later as I lose weight (which I'm doing at this time). 

Since most of the clothes I'm giving away are professional attire, I plan to give them to a program called Dress for Success. They accept professional attire that is appropriate for women to wear to interviews, such as dress slacks, blazers, dress shirts, shoes, and accessories (purses, jewelry, et al). I have a lot of that type of clothing, as I have worked in a professional environment for many years. Anything else, I plan on taking to resale shops to see if it can be sold at a profit. If not, it will be taken to the Salvation Army or Amvets

What was left at the end of my project (which didn't take long at all) was a closet with fewer clothes that I loved wearing that had room to remain wrinkle free. It was also easier to find pieces I wanted to wear each day. My next step is to give my tiny closet a complete closet makeover. I have no idea what to do with it right now. Who knows, maybe I'll be brave enough to actually call California Closets and see how much it would cost to have them come out and redo it for me. Or I can see what I can do on my own. Stay tuned.