Garage Dilemma: What to do?

Yesterday I found myself searching frantically for something in my garage. It was a mess and I was going crazy, because I really needed it and I needed it now. When you live in a state of chaos, having a need for something can drive one to a state of utter craziness, rather than bliss. And that is what I'm seeking now. Unfortunately, this blog is being thought of and started after the decluttering process has already been started in the space selected for this specific topic: the garage.

I've tackled the subject of my garage once before in a blog titled Storage and the Garage. But it really didn't go over the issue of a garage belonging to someone who had lived in the house for several years, as I had just moved into the house the month before. No, this time, the problem centers around my having been in this house for over 4 1/2 years and having accumulated the dreaded stuff

So, today, I am all about surveying and looking over what can be done to minimize the damage and straighten up the mess that is my garage. I mean, it is a two car garage, but it barely fits my standard sized vehicle, which isn't a good sign. The collage to the right shows the state of the garage at this very moment from different angles. We recently lost my grandmother just before Thanksgiving, so there are items in the garage still that need to be gone through and put in their place, but require the office/craft room makeover that I've been putting off for a long time. 
Then there is the gazebo I received for my birthday at the end of July that is way too heavy for me to move that is still in the box in the middle of the garage floor that seems to be gathering items on top of it. And the list keeps growing. It is just an overwhelming mess. And it always has not been that way. There was a time in the recent past where my garage was actually quite organized and in a state of calm thanks to a gentleman I dated putting up the hanging shelves at the top of my garage's perimeter. It just got out of control. Again.

So, what is one to do? For starters, you make a plan of attack. Assess the damage, then start making a plan on how to address it and fix it. Plus, you don't just band-aid the problem, you fix the source, as well. This helps keep you from winding up in the same place repeatedly.

Some ways to do that is to just start doing things like doing research. I like searching Pinterest for decluttering and organizational ideas for the spaces. There is a treasure trove of ideas and suggestions out there on how to make a difference in your spaces, and they are all at your fingertips thanks to Pinterest. But, beware, I've found that there are bogus searches out there, so buyer beware! 

A major thing to do is to measure your space so you know exactly what you are dealing with. This allows you to plan what you need to make your space work better for you, like adding or building shelving, pegboard, and other storage needs and materials. When I purchased my home, the previous owner had already installed pegboard on all of the walls in the garage, so I was already one step ahead.

Speaking of the pegboard, it is an awesome accessory for organizing your garage space. Especially when it comes to lawn equipment, such as weed trimmers, leaf blowers, and hedge trimmers like mine. Mine still needs a little more organization, but it has started. And the fact that I've started is a good place to begin. Knowing where your basics are is key, so that you can understand what you have and what you need to get your project going. That way you don't double or have to retrace steps along the way. No one wants to waste their energy on anything they don't have to.

With it being winter right now, it will take a little more time and effort to get my garage put back together, and I also have the added headache of my water heater needing to be replaced at the moment. So, there is even more chaos going on in that space. But, just because it is cold outside doesn't negate the fact that the space needs attention right now. With the way the space is laid out, I'm finding it slightly difficult to move my trash bins and snowblower out of the garage when needed at the moment. So, the task is even more dire. I have a plan, it is just a matter of executing that plan at this very moment.

Check back soon for the after blog!